Thoughtful Gift Giving: 3 Ways to Put a Smile on Anyone’s Face

Thoughtful Gift Giving: 3 Ways to Put a Smile on Anyone’s Face

Whether you need a hostess gift, thank you gift, or just a gift for that special someone, we have a few ideas to help. 

Create a nostalgia-inspired gift

Who doesn’t love taking a stroll down memory lane with all the foods that remind you of childhood? Our handmade, small batch caramels can lead the charge for a one-of-a-kind gift — then all you have to do is think about the other items that can remind your recipient of simpler times. 

Idea: Start with their favorite flavor of Sugar + Spoon caramels then do a little research on the other types of food that were popular during your recipients childhood. Think drinks, snacks, flavors, etc. The sky’s the limit! 

Create a foodie-inspired gift

There’s nothing quite like getting a smorgasbord of high-quality sweet and savory treats when food is your favorite. So go ahead and treat the foodie in your life with hand selected items that speak to their personality. 

Idea: For the friend or family member who loves treats, create a Sugar + Spoon caramel tasting basket with each of our unique flavors. Then throw in a cookbook with a focus on dessert and a bag of their favorite coffee. Voila! 

Create a flavor-inspired gift 

While we always love staying true to great grandma Edith’s treasured family recipe, we’ve created plenty of new recipes that add a little fun and adventure to the tried and true original. These one-of-a-kind, small batch caramel treats can help create the perfect theme for a gift. 

Idea: Create a gift basket with a beer stein, your gift recipient's favorite beer (or grab the rich, malty porter we use from the California Coast Beer Co in Paso Robles, CA), a beer opener, a bag of their favorite pretzels, and top it all off with a bag (or 2) of Sugar + Spoon beer and pretzel caramels.