from salty to sweet, traditional to unique, our caramels delight even the pickiest of taste buds

assorted caramels
Caramel Fan
More, more, more

The caramels are fantastic. The crowd at work love them. Took a box to a family event and worked hard to persuade someone to try one. She ate three. Beautifully presented and a thoughtful gift to give.

vanilla caramels
Teresa Branch
So delicious

These are everything you expect caramels to be, sweet and soft! One is is just perfect for that sweet craving!

Wow! A new flavor I have fallen in love with!

So I decided to try Beer & Pretzel Caramels. I really don't like beer so I am not sure what prompted me to try them but man am I glad I did. the pretzel pieces add a nice soft crunch and a hint of salt. I honestly am obsessed with this new flavor and at 5 in one day. I usually allow myself only one per day so this might be a bad thing..... seriously, they are great!!