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Welcome to Sugar + Spoon caramel club . . .

Our story began more than 80 years ago when my Great-Grandma Edith began making caramels one Christmas on a ranch in Lockwood Valley, CA. Little did my great-grandma know, but she was starting a tradition that would be passed down from generation to generation.

Even though the tradition my great-grandma started has evolved beyond Christmas gifts, not much else has changed from the Lockwood Valley kitchen. We use all of the same ingredients that my great-grandma used, with the exception of the fresh cream and butter right off the ranch. There is no milking of cows or churning butter in our kitchen! Nowadays, we go to the store.

Our caramels are still a labor of love though, they are made in small batches and then hand cut and hand wrapped just as my great-grandma did throughout the 1930’s, 40’s, 50 & 60’s.

So here is to my Great-Grandma Edith, and if she was still here with us, I have no doubt she would be stirring right alongside me. I hope you enjoy her caramels as much as I enjoy sharing them with you!

Club perks 

  • Receive our handmade caramels 4 times a year
  • 10% discount on all caramel purchases
  • Gift membership available
  • Priority access to exclusive flavors

The original recipe is the vanilla + toasted almond, but we also make a plain vanilla, fleur de sel (French sea salt), café au lait, salted cashew + dark chocolate, mango + chile and a lime caramel. We also feature specialty seasonal flavors, such as apple cider for the fall and gingerbread for the holidays!

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